15th Forum on Europe successfully concluded!

More than 50 participants from 19 different European countries gathered at 15th Forum on Europe, held in EU Parliament, in Brussels, March 25th 2014, to share their views and discuss about development vision for South Eastern Europe.

MEP Tanja Fajon (S&D/SD) opened 15th Forum on Europe and stressed the fact that South-East Europe faces enormous challenges related to the development, economic growth and stability. "Europe is developing, but responses to current events are not sufficient. Cross-border projects, cooperation and careful spending of EU funds will be essential for sustainable development.”

MEP in Croatia Andrej Plenković (EPP) has focused on the Western Balkans and highlighted the importance for their early integration into the European Union.

The Chairman of the Forum on Europe Blaž Golob opened the Forum discussion on two key issues of 15th Forum on Europe: “How to implement European strategies more effectively?” and “Does the European Union need a development vision?"

Participants agreed that the development vision is needed, especially for the countries of South Eastern Europe. Therefore, the 15th Forum on Europe Declaration with 7 key points was created, in order to address key European Institutions to actively seek and develop the prosperity of Europe and its South-East region.



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  • the European Parliament
  • Ljubljana Forum
  • IBM

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